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VINOOS Sauvignon Blanc Wine Gummies

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VINOOS Sauvignon Blanc Wine Gummies

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Sauvignon Blanc Single Gift Box Gummies-

Fans of New Zealand style will love this zesty Sauvignon Blanc gummy. The magic of this incredible wine gum lies in its high acidity and delicate notes of ripe citrussy fruit, lychee and gooseberry. Bright and pale with fresh grassy notes. A super delicious delight, with chamomile undertones and a spicy long-lasting finish. This wine gum will reignite your love affair with Sauvignon Blanc. spicy I zesty I long-lasting

  • Alcohol Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Low Fat
  • Made in Netherlands
  • 12-24 month shelf life
  • Weight 0.17LB

      Item Number: 282-26259

      Item ID: 54455