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VINOOS Sparkling Wine Gummies

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Sparkling Wine Single Gift Box Wine Gummies 1.8oz

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Sparkling Wine Single Gift Box Gummies 1.8oz Vegan Alcohol-Free Low Fat

#1 Bestseller in Europe, made with sparkling gold foil You don’t have to be a champagne specialist to fall in love with the variety of aromas that are incredibly surprising and pleasant in this new flavor! Discover unique flavor profiles: Spicy, floral, botanical, and fruity. This adorable Champagne-like is the gift that never disappoints. A delicious indulgence for every celebratory occasion. It turns your small space into something Wowie. Cheers! The wine gummies are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and without artificial colors. They are free of alcohol, gluten, fat, nuts, gelatine, and lactose.

  • Made in: Netherlands
  • Shelf life: 12–24 months
  • Storage: Shelf-stable
  • Weight: 0.17 lb
  • Dimensions: 3.9 in x 1 in x 3.1 in
    Item Number: 282-26261

    Item ID: 54457