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Everlasting Candle Sticks in 3 Colors

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Everlasting Candle Sticks in 3 Colors


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Everlasting Candle Sticks in 3 Colors

An elegant and unique steel oil candle that doesn't melt down.

Product Highlights

  • Made of steel
  • Doesn't burn down
  • 8 inches in length  

Because you deserve the best, please use Everlasting Candles exclusively with our Pristine Oil® and vases.

Why? Because Pristine Oil® was specifically designed for our candles with you in mind! We understand how important it is to know the products you're burning in your home are clean, smoke free and don't produce soot.

  • Light your candles and relax with peace of mind knowing that you're having the wellness experience you deserve.

    How to light your candles

    • Pour at least three inches of Pristine Oil® into your vase
    • Gently place your candlesticks into the vase
    • Allow to soak for thirty minutes, light and enjoy!
    • Color = Gold
    • Brand = Everlasting Candle